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Frequently Asked Questions

There's a solid chance your query could be answered right here, right now!

What Kind of DO pickup should I see from bright tank to pierced can?

DO pickup is not a black and white answer, there are a lot of factors that play into it. Are you purging your lines before sending beer to the filler? Are you using a longer hose with the least amount of connections? Are you sanitizing with PA? Do your cans have a good dome of foam that breaks out all the way to the lid dropper? And quite possibly the most important, what is the DO level leaving the bright tank?

The Codi service team is more than willing to assist you in getting your numbers down, but as for an exact expectation, it is very difficult to ballpark. Gun to my head, I would say that our customers that are taking the extra steps and care to keep that number down are seeing anywhere from 20-40 PPB pickup from tank to pierced can.

What are the hours for service?

8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday with a half hour lunch at noon. 

How long after startup week till I feel comfortable as an operator?

This question may be better answered in barrelage rather than time. During a startup week we shoot to package at least 20 Bbl's, allowing for seamer commissioning and dialing in filler consistency. As you learn the operations of HMI during that week you begin to build that muscle memory that will set you up for the future. Your Codi tech has left town, and you're staring at a filler that can be a little intimidating. The best option is to plow ahead, because in my experience, when you are closing in on 100 Bbl's run solo, that's when you start to get into your groove.

What kind of grease does my seamer need and how often?

The main grease point for the seamer chuck shaft and pillow blocks will use a food safe grade 2 grease. The zerk fittings on the Op blocks will use 0 grade.

The seamer should be greased after each run while the seamer is still warm. We are not looking to replace the grease in the pillow blocks, but keep it packed. The Op blocks generally only need to be greased every 150k cans.

How important is it to have my machine online?

Having your machine online gives our controls team the opportunity to troubleshoot through the back end of your equipment, however it is not imperative that your machine remain online at all times as this is only used in times of specific service.

What's the best way to order parts?

Emailing is by far the easiest way to get the parts you need. That being said, if you are unsure of what specific part you are looking for, reach to the Codi Service Team and we will guide you through it.

My filler is running version 10-15, can I update to version 20?

Short answer is no. Long answer, you will need a new PLC, HMI, Servo drive, encoder, I/O link master and money to burn.

All the functionality of the latest version of filler software for for machine pre version 20 is exactly the same. The difference between the 2 was during covid, availability of components changed, supply chain, blah blah blah, we had to make some adjustments. 

Is it possible to run the CCL-45 off of a keg?

It is totally feasible to can your product out of a keg! It is a little more labor intensive than hooking up to a bright tank obviously, but not difficult at all!

Set up 2-4 kegs in succession with a CO2 fitting on one end, pushing through each keg with the outlet headed to the pump on your Codi filler. Set the regulator for the kegs around 20PSI and start canning as usual!

Can I run sleeved cans on a Codi filler?

Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park said it best - "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should."

The answer is don't btw.

Can I run Brett beer and clean beer through the same Codi filler?

Oh boy, let's just say this is not a good idea right off the bat. Now, can it be done? Has it been done? Are multiple people doing so as we speak? All yes.

If you have your heart set on doing something like this and are looking for some direction, reach out to the Codi Service Team and we can walk you through the do's, don'ts, and cautionary points of the process.

English is not my first language, does Codi offer translated manuals and documentation?

This is not only on the radar, but it is pretty high up the list for the service/controls team. At this time however we do not have our own documentation translated, given that this is not a job for google translate. What we currently offer is with the special request, we can send you the original .doc files making the translation process quite a bit easier for you.

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What music is best to play while I'm canning?

That's a tough one but a good schedule is as follows:

Monday - Metal

Tuesday - Thrash Metal

Wednesday - Wu Tang

Thursday - Stoner Metal

Friday - "Now That's What I Call Music 17" on repeat.

Where's the best place to set up my date coder?

Date codes will always apply best on dry cans, thus, utilizing your infeed for applying the date code will see the most consistent results.

How big is Codi as a company?

With right around 70 employees, we are a Colorado born and raised operation. Every piece of machinery that leaves our facility showed up as a slab of steel. We cut it, bend it, weld it and assemble it right here! America! Fuck Yah!

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